This UV sterilisation chamber disinfects your mobile phone, face mask, keys and other small objects.

The UV Sanitiser is powered by dual ultraviolet lights that kills harmful germs and bacteria. The cleaning process is environmental friendly as there are no toxic chemicals used.

Perfect for use during and after the Corona virus outbreak. 

Uniquely this amazing device doubles as a fast wireless charger.

  • 99.99% sterilisation effect (kills viruses including COVID 19)
  • Long life and rugged design
  • Light and easy to carry around
  • Wireless charger for QI-compatible Smartphone
  • Large interior volume for sterilisation of phones, keys, face mask, eyeglass etc. 


Interior Dimensions:                                    182 x 106 x 16 mm

Exterior Dimensions:                                    205 x 126 x 42 mm

Ultraviolet Output:                                       2W (max.)

Wireless Charging Output:                          10W (max.)

Aroma Power:                                               1W (max.)

Product Weight:                                           350gm

Ultraviolet LED lamp life:                              50,000 hours

Input Port:                                                     USB Type C, 5V 2A

Included accessory:                                       USB charging cable

UV Sterilisation Phone, Mask & Key Cleaner

SKU: BW1012