Take a step towards improving your health and wellbeing with this powerful portable small air purifier designed to remove bacteria, dust, odours and much more. Stay healthier with cleaner fresher air by protecting yourself from dust, formaldehyde, smoke and other dangerous pollutants and bacteria which can cause flu, respiratory diseases and more.

Perfect for the car, office or bedside table to clean and refresh the air you breathe. 

Multi Purpose Air Purifier

Use by the bedside table to improve sleep quality and reduce fatigue or purify the office to help improve work efficiency and reduce anti static computer screen radiation.

Quiet Bedroom Air Purifier

Reduce suspended bacteria, pollen and other skin irritants as well as decompose harmful substances, kill mites and reduce the risk of flu. Efficiently decompose formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases.


  • Super light at only 0.15kg (152 grams)
  • Charge with USB from PC, car charger, USB outlet or powerbank
  • Power: <2.5w
  • Noise: <32db
  • Dimensions: 6.5cm (diameter) x 15.8cm (height)

Air purification for the car home office bathroom

Portable Air Purifier

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