This Air Purifying Germicidal UVC Lamp is designed to destroy 99.8% of all known bacteria, germs, mould, fungi and viruses including corona viruses.

It uses an interesting combination of a Philips UVC lamp combined with an air purification fan system. The device draws air into it aided by a quiet fan and the UV-C light sterilizes the air in the room.

It uses the Ultra-Violet ray wavelength of 253.7nm which can kill or destroy the DNA of  viruses’ and remove pollutants.

The device can work in 2 different modes depending on if the room is occupied or not.

Using In an Unoccupied Room: Open Lid Mode

This mode is designed for maximum speed air purification. The lid on the device remains fully open and UVC light and disinfection is maximised *.

How long does it take to clean a 35m2 room (3m floor to ceiling) in Open Mode?

In this mode it can disinfect a room in just 1 hour and 10 mins.

If the device is placed at a height of 2.1m, it can clean ~ 1.5m3 of air per minute disinfecting 107 m3 of air in 71 minutes).

Using In an Occupied Room: Closed Lid Mode

This mode is designed for use with people in the room and ensures protection from any UVC light. The lid on the device remains closed to reduce any UV light.  

A small fan then draws air through the closed lid, then natural air convection helps sterilize the room.

How long does it take to clean a 35m2 room in Closed Mode?

If the device is in closed position it allows air in and out through small holes and a small fan draws ~ 0.16 m3 of air into the box every minute. It can dissipate 107 m3 of air in 11 hours meaning its perfect to be left on overnight for cleaning and disinfection.

How powerful is the lamp?

It uses a 16w Philips UV-C lamp which can last 9,000 hours.



Safe & Effective Removal of 99.8% of Viruses, Germs & Bacteria

Including removal of Corona virus 

Flu Prevention 

Safety / Warranty

Combines UV light with fan for virus removal

Auto On safety delay (15 secs)

12 months warranty

9,000 hour lamp life

Indoor use only

Keep Away from direct sun, water or heating by 1m

Avoid direct eye / body contact UV light

Mount high (at least 2.1m off the ground) to reduce contact

Operating temp: -10° C to 50° C

Conforms to ISO90001:2000 International Quality Standards


Timer Control (1hr to 24 hrs)

Remote Control (>5m)

Low Power Consumption and operating temp

Purify air at variable speeds with Open or Closed modes

Includes wall mounting brackets

Wall / Table Mounting

Operating current: <0.2 A

Input power: 100 - 240v 50/60 Hz

Plug: UK

Very Light Weight: 1.36 kg

Dimensions: 41.5 x 19 x 95 cm


Philips UVC T5 16W Lamp 

European Designed High Efficiency UVC lamp

Long Life UVC Tube

9,000 hour lamp life

UV-C radiation 4 watts (closed mode)

* WARNING In Open Lid Mode this device uses a UVC light. Whilst this light is enclosed and reflected upwards, UVC light emits harmful UV radiation. So it is advisable to DO NOT USE IN OPEN MODE UNLESS THE ROOM IS UNOCCUPIED of any living things including pets, animals or people. UVC light can cause damage to skin, eyes. Avoid contact by positioning the device at over 2.1m in the room to avoid eye contact.

The device can also be used safely with people in the room in closed (lid) mode without UVC exposure although disinfection is slower.

Air Purifying Germicidal UVC Lamp

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