Stay protected, safe money and help prevent any viruses with this face masks and UV steriliser bundle.  

Use the UV steriliser to clean your face masks after each use and be able to re-use them again. This will save you money and will help the environment. 

This bundle includes: 

UV Steriliser

UV sterilisation chamber disinfects your mobile phone, face mask, keys and other small objects.

The UV Sanitiser is powered by dual ultraviolet lights that kills harmful germs and bacteria. The cleaning process is environmental friendly as there are no toxic chemicals used.

Perfect for use during and after the Corona virus outbreak. 

Face Masks

A packet of 10 high quality face masks with non woven breathable sterilized fabric.

Offers 3 layers of protection.

Suitable for use by medical / health organizations, workers and families (not for use in operating rooms).

  • Sterilized (ethylene oxide)
  • Three layer Protection
  • Breathable
  • Non Woven
  • 10 masks per packet



10 Non Woven Face Masks & UV Steriliser Bundle

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